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Tesco – Cowley Road

Case Study

Project Overview


Calmec was contracted to execute a comprehensive mechanical air conditioning installation project for a new Tesco that was being built under a block of student accommodation in Oxford.

The primary objective was to create a comfortable and functional environment for both Tesco customers and colleagues.


With the brief fully understood, our expert CAD design team created crafted blueprints that not only met the stringent requirements but also optimised the available space. The design team worked closely with our contact at Tesco, to ensure everyone was happy with the proposed design. With a cohesive vision in place, our installation team seamlessly worked with the design team to craft a meticulously detailed timeline, laying the foundation for a streamlined implementation process.

The expansive scope of the project involved the installation of multiple Air Handling Units (AHUs) and associated ductwork to facilitate the circulation of fresh air throughout the building. Additionally, eight Mitsubishi Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) systems were set up, alongside the implementation of fire-rated ductwork engineered to cater to the bakery’s ventilation needs.


Navigating the complexities imposed by the building’s structural composition and ongoing construction, posed a challenge to our installation teams as we had to work around other contractors and rely on various parts of the building being completed to facilitate our installations. However, having completed a thorough installation plan with all stakeholders involved in the construction of this building ensured that we were able to overcome these obstacles and keep to our timeline.

Due to the structure of the building, which consisted of multiple floors of student accommodation above the shop, the project was carried out in several stages.

The initial phase involved the installation of refrigeration pipework and larger ductwork on the ground floor, where the shop is, gradually progressing to the first floor as construction milestones were met.

In tandem with the shop fit, our team seamlessly executed the second phase, extending our efforts to encompass riser works, shop floor commissioning, and AHU installations. Despite the demanding timeline, our unwavering commitment to excellence ensured the timely completion of the entire system, culminating in the grand opening of the Tesco store as planned.

Emphasising the pivotal role of communication throughout the installation process, our collaborative approach facilitated the seamless integration of the diverse ductwork systems and air conditioning units within the confines of the bustling construction site.


The completion of this project yielded a state-of-the-art student accommodation facility and a brand-new Tesco store, both of which have been warmly received by the local community.

The fully functional HVAC system ensures optimal operation of the facility throughout the year, allowing the store to keep cool during the summer months while warming it up throughout the winter months.

We take great pride in the success achieved on this site and aim to showcase our capability to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional results to our current and future clients.

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