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Cad Design

Computer-Aided Design

At Calmec, we offer professional CAD design services. In any project undertaken by our teams, we will always start with our HVAC CAD services to design the layout of the bespoke system being put in place.

Our team specialises in both 2D and 3D drawing and modelling services, utilising top-of-the-line AutoCAD and Inventor design software.

All drawings are executed to illustrate how our plans incorporate the client’s specifications and standards, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Purpose of HVAC CAD services

As a company that provides bespoke air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, CAD design is an important step in working with our clients.

Designing on CAD software allows us to create accurate and detailed models of the proposed system. This precision aids in visualising the entire system layout, including ductwork, piping, vents, and equipment placement.

With such precise drawings, we can spot potential problems before we start manufacturing, ordering and installing, preventing an elongated process filled with issues.

HVAC CAD designs also help our teams to optimise space within buildings by planning the most efficient layout for the components of the system. This ensures proper airflow, temperature control, and the placement of units to maximise performance while minimising wasted space.

CAD drawings also enable collaboration between our teams and our clients. The drawings ensure that everyone is working on the same page, enabling the client to have a complete understanding of the proposed system and have the opportunity to express and explain desired changes.

Our experience has shown us that using HVAC CAD services streamlines the process, reducing errors and iterations in the planning phase. This efficiency helps save time and lowers costs associated with design modifications or rework during the construction phase.

2D VS 3D CAD design?

Within the HVAC / mechanical industry, we work predominantly with 2D design for the transfer of design and information. For the majority of large-scale projects that we work on, layout design is carried out using 2D software.

We will also use 3D software, as it is useful for elevation, equipment, and section design.

Our services can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Armed with extensive experience, our design team is always ready to deliver high-standard, quality work.

Why Choose CALMEC?

Calmec are the south’s leading HVAC systems company, providing an end-to-end service of designing and installing bespoke air conditioning, heating, ventilation and plumbing services.

With over a decade of experience in CAD design, our team’s expertise is a cornerstone of our business that we continuously seek to enhance. Our professionals are proficient in creating 2D drawings for layout design and employing 3D designs to create accurate models and drawings for equipment and detailed blueprints where precision is paramount. This enables us to communicate effectively with our clients and efficiently design a system that will work best for the space available.

If you work with us, we will provide a complete service including project management, meaning you don’t have the stress of the project and can get on with your work.

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