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Enhancing Resident Comfort: The Critical Role of HVAC Systems in Care Homes

31 May 2024

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can play a vital role in keeping residents comfortable in a care home. Managing temperatures, improving air quality and reducing humidity are just a few ways that HVAC systems can enhance resident comfort.

Calmec has worked with several care homes across the South of England to design and install bespoke HVAC systems so that they can keep their homes at a pleasant temperature. In each of our care home projects, we have seen firsthand the difference these systems can have on the quality of life of each resident.

In this blog, we share the benefits of installing an HVAC system in your care home.

Temperature Control

Elderly residents are more susceptible to temperature changes and often feel the cold.

HVAC systems for care homes help maintain the temperature inside, warming the home when it gets colder outside and cooling it down as it gets hotter.

Humidity Control

HVAC systems can also help monitor and maintain the humidity levels within the care home.

If the air is too dry or humid, it can exacerbate residents’ respiratory conditions.

Maintaining optimal humidity levels can also help prevent skin dryness.

HVAC systems will often contain components to control moisture content in the air.


Air Quality Improvement

HVAC systems are typically equipped with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and other advanced filtration options. These remove dust, pollen, allergens, and other pollutants from the air, therefore, providing cleaner air for residents.

Similar to humidity control, this can reduce the chances of inflaming respiratory conditions. It can also prevent residents from suffering allergies such as hay fever as they can decrease the amount of pollen entering the home.

Ventilation systems will ensure that there is a constant stream of fresh air circulating the home, reducing the build-up of indoor pollutants and odours, which can significantly enhance indoor air quality and comfort.

Quiet Operation

Built-in HVAC systems are often quieter than portable air conditioners and heaters. They are designed to operate quietly, minimising noise disturbances that can disrupt sleep or relaxation. This can help your care home feel like a home and contribute to a more peaceful and comfortable environment.

Personalised Comfort

If you have a zoned system designed and installed, residents and staff will be able to control the temperature of certain areas without impacting other areas of the home. For example, a resident in their room can increase the heat without changing the temperature in the communal areas or other residents’ rooms.

This gives residents and staff flexibility and enables them to move around the home to different areas where they might be more comfortable.

It can also be incredibly beneficial for the residents because it can make them feel that they have some control over their environment.

Enhanced Health and Safety

Care homes are no strangers to pathogens and germs, but ventilation and air filtration systems can reduce the presence of airborne pathogens, contributing to a healthier environment and reducing the spread of illnesses.

Additionally, by controlling humidity levels, you can also reduce the likelihood of mould, dampness and mildew growing, which can cause serious health issues and unpleasant living environments.

Year-Round Comfort

You can get HVAC systems, such as Packaged Heat Pumps or Packaged Gas-Electric Systems, which will supply both heating and cooling to your home. This means that residents and staff will be able to warm up or cool down as the seasons change, so stay comfortable all year round.

Bespoke HVAC Systems For Care Homes

We provide bespoke HVAC solutions for care homes so you and your residents can benefit from improved air quality, a comfortable temperature and controlled humidity.

Our accredited teams will get to know your care home’s needs and the layout of the building so that they can design an efficient solution that fits your space. We will manufacture ventilation ducts, should you need them, keeping the production and installation of your system simple and in-house. This allows us to offer faster turnaround times and a hassle-free process.

Part of our service includes project management, meaning you will get a dedicated project manager who will oversee your project from start to finish. This ensures a smooth transition from each department and a main point of contact for you to reach out to should you have any queries.

Finally, once installed, our services continue as we offer maintenance and servicing for the system. We recommend a service at least once a year where one of our engineers will visit your site to check every component of your system. In doing this, we hope to extend your system’s lifespan and prevent any breakdowns.