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Calmec are proud to have a manufacturing department where we can produce custom ductwork and metalwork, as well as air disinfection units, air sterilisation units and canopy kitchen units.

Suitable for a range of applications, from commercial kitchens to office and retail spaces.

Discover our products below, or contact us to discuss which products are suitable for your needs. Call our team on 01202 070 280.

Hood Extract Unit

HexBox Recirculation Kitchen Canopy Solutions

Calmecâ„¢ have developed a competitively priced range of recirculation systems, enabling kitchen operators to locate kitchens on sites with no route to atmosphere…

UVC In Duct Disinfection System

Calmec have developed a range of UV-C disinfection units suitable to be mounted into existing ductwork systems as well as new duct systems. UV-C in the 245nm wavelength kills bacteria and viruses which pass through the unit, sterilising the air by disrupting the DNA of the organisms.

CALMEC UVC In-Duct Disinfection System
Fujitsu Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

UVC-19 Ceiling Cassette Sterilisation Unit

Our revolutionary, kitchen extract recirculation units extract grease, fumes and odour from the kitchen canopy into the Hex-Box recirculation unit where the grease, fumes, and odours are removed before the air is returned to the kitchen. This return air, now filtered and odourless allows kitchen spaces to remain a constant even through kitchen service…